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It seems apropos to summarize some key observations we have made while privately advising medical school applicants. Everything you read tells you that the 1 rule of medical school admissions is to apply early.

Yes, but we find that many applicants still ignore this advice. Your application will not be reviewed until your pending MCAT scores are in. While the stigma of being a re-applicant is declining, being a third-time applicant does trigger a negative bias, so it is best to try and make your application as perfect as possible the first time around. It may be your dream to attend a top 10 medical school, but be realistic. Too often, applicants apply to only a few schools initially and limit their chances.

It is important to apply to a broad range of schools both in terms of geography and ranking. If you really want to increase your chances of being accepted, do not limit yourself. Really think about who you are, how you got here and what you hope to do in the future will set the stage for your entire application process.

Think about this throughout your education. Nothing is set in stone. As you develop new interests, expertise and hobbies, your story will evolve and change. You have a character limit per description so, unless you have nothing to say about your experiences which would be a red flag in our bookuse this space to your advantage.

These descriptions present an opportunity to write about your insights, experiences, accomplishments and observations. Use your three most meaningful entries to your greatest advantage by writing in even greater detail about your experiences.

reddit medical school interview tracker

How do I create a plan for the entire application process, not just my personal statement? It is important to say something new, different, and fresh in your personal statement that does not repeat your application entries. Interestingly, I find that many applicants shy away from the very topics and aspects of their backgrounds that make them unique.

Every applicant has a compelling story, but sometimes you need an outsider to bring it into focus.There are several factors that influence whether or not a student is offered a medical school interview and ultimately a medical school acceptance during the medical school admissions process.

Subjective criteria that is communicated through your medical school personal statementAMCAS work and activitiessecondary essaysand letters of recommendationalso impact interview and admissions outcomes. However, for the purposes of this article we will focus on the objective criteria, or med school admission stats, that impact success. However, some medical schools, but not all, post this data on their websites.

It also enables medical school applicants to gauge how competitive they are in general, and for specific medical schools in which they are interested. The lower the medical school acceptance rate, the more competitive the medical school. And, the higher a medical school acceptance rate, the less competitive the medical school. By understanding school of medicine acceptance rates, applicants can understand for what medical schools they are most competitive.

However, many medical schools do not disclose how many applicants they actually accept. Medical schools may only publish how many applications they receive, the number of applicants they interview and how many actually matriculate. Typically, the more competitive the medical school, the lower the acceptance rate.

reddit medical school interview tracker

For the entering medical school class ofthere were 53, medical school applicants applicants. Acceptance rates between medical schools varies significantly. For the most selective medical schools, such as Harvard Medical School, the acceptance rate is 3. However, some medical schools have much higher acceptance rates. For example, the University of Tennessee has an acceptance rate of With an increasing number of medical school applicants every year, acceptance rates continue to decrease especially at very popular or competitive medical schools.

Medical School Admissions Consulting Lessons Learned 2020-2021

For reference purposes, know that the highest possible MCAT score is a with with a on each of the four sections. The typical MCAT score one needs to be competitive for medical school admission to allopathic medical schools in the United States is a MCAT scores of or below are generally considered low and not competitive for allopathic medical school admissions.

There are exceptions, however, to this rule. An MCAT score of or above is considered exceptional. Most medical schools have MCAT cut off scores meaning that an applicant must earn above a specified score in order for the medical school admissions committee to review an application.

Unfortunately, medical school do not always make this data public. Earning the highest MCAT score possible with the lowest number of exam attempts is ideal for getting in to medical school. For example, the student who has taken the MCAT three times, earning scores of, andmay be evaluated as a less competitive applicant than the applicant who took the exam once and earned a on the first attempt.

Medical schools see all exam results which is why one high score among several lower scores could be interpreted as an outlier.

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Be in the know. Below are the best medical schools in the U.Skip to Content. We embrace those who work hard to make the world a better place. Everything you need to know about our process for selecting the next entering class is right here. Along the way, we'll do our best to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision, too.

We at the University of Michigan Medical School stand with our students, staff and faculty, and the community at large to share in the outrage, to console, and to help support. A stark reality: A message from Michigan Medicine executives.

Learn more about how we define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and our institutional commitment to reach every corner of our community. Michigan is consistently ranked among the top research and primary care medical schools, and residency directors from across the country continue to give top-five scores for the quality of our graduates.

Our admissions process is highly transparent — we let you know early and often about where you stand. Our curriculum allows you to choose a path based on your passions, with more time to develop practical professional experience that aligns with career interests.

Every entering class is carefully selected to include in- and out-of-state students with diverse backgrounds and life experiences so you can learn and grow together.

As a public university, we have a mandate to serve people in need. Our students play a key role in various research, clinical and educational efforts. Realize your impact potential as you explore options through Paths of Excellence, clinical rotations, dual degrees, leadership activities, research projects and more.

Ann Arbor offers the best of cosmopolitan culture and cuisine in a charming, compact urban setting. Our students, faculty, alumni and staff are passionate people who will be invested in your well-being and success throughout your time at Michigan and beyond. Limited visitation is permitted for hospitalized patients. Search form Search. Admissions M. Admissions Let's Change Medicine. It's time.

7 Important Tips for Your Medical School Interview

Take the first step toward your extraordinary journey. Learn about DEI at Michigan link is external. Connect on Social Blog. Admissions Offers. You Might Be Interested In. Top 10 Reasons to Go Blue.

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Financial Support.The medical school interview is one of the most influential and important pieces of your application. Yet it also becomes the pitfall of many otherwise competitive applicants.

Being a social and likeable person does not always translate into a successful interview! Below I highlight some of the obvious and not-so-obvious things to keep in mind and guide your preparation for your interview day. Prepare It is important to treat the interview process as any other part of your application, just as you worked hard to earn your GPA or prepare for the MCAT.

By doing this you will show the interviewer you are interested in the program. You are bound to come up with specific questions about the program during this process, which interviewers love to hear! Furthermore, read up on recent events relating to health care and health policy.

You are not expected to be a health policy expert, but being able to have a conversation about your future profession is important. By the time you are being interviewed your application has already been screened by at least one or two members of the admissions committee, and they know you have brains to be successful at their school.

Body Language and Dress Code It may seem obvious, but the way you present yourself, including your body language, can impact the way the interviewer perceives you.

reddit medical school interview tracker

It can go a long way in reflecting confidence. Stand up straight, have a firm handshake, and make eye contact when introducing yourself — it can make a big difference. As far as dress code, professional and conservative is the safe way to go. Ask your university career center or search online for professional attire details if you are uncertain about certain specifics.

reddit medical school interview tracker

Smile This goes hand in hand with good body language, but remember that medicine is in essence a service industry; people want a physician that can smile and be friendly. Similarly an interviewer will come away with a better impression if you can smile and make eye contact while talking to them. If an experience or research project is listed in your application you must be able to talk about it for at least 1 minute, otherwise the interviewer may question whether or not you are being honest in your application.

Have Fun! Interviews can be stressful, but with the right approach they can also be fun! These are your future colleagues and they want to see if you are someone they can enjoy working with. Mock Interview The best way to feel prepared for an interview can be a trial run. If your University Career Center offers mock interviews, it can be a great resource to take advantage of. Even having a friend interview you can be a useful way to get feedback on things such as body language.

When it comes down to it, no two interviewers are the same and there is no formula or recipe for a perfect interview. All you can do is prepare, smile, and show who you are to the interviewer.

Your goal is to get across to the interviewer why you want to be there the field of medicinehow you are equipped to be there intelligence, mental fortitudeand that you have the balance in your life to get through medical school and residency how you deal with stress, interests outside of school.Staff responded quickly to emails Delighted with how smoothly everything went.

It was probably one of the most stress-free trips we've ever taken.

M.D. Admissions

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How to Stand Out During A Virtual Med School Interview

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